Chaincoin Masternode Restart Script/POS Error Auto Fix!

For those of you having trouble with your Chaincoin Masternode not receiving Chaincoins or maybe seeing POS Error, here’s a simple script I wrote that will auto restart if Chaincoind goes down, server restarts, or has POS errors.

This script is ONLY for those who followed my original guide!  (You may be able to tweak it a bit for other VPS/platforms – UPDATE, works fine on Ubuntu with Vultr or Linode)

Copy and past the following into your SSH:

yum -y install cronie;wget -O ~/;chmod 755 ~/;wget -O /etc/cron.d/cronchc;

That’s IT!

For Ubuntu, do:

wget -O ~/;chmod 755 ~/;wget -O /etc/cron.d/cronchc;


  1. What if I’m running Windows?

  2. Thanks.

    Auto-pilot revenue is now here.

  3. Good afternoon,

    Since last sunday i made a chaincoin masternode. I didn’t have any problems with the installation. I also had no problems to install the additional security measures and the restart. Despite this, i have not received any coins on my masternode yet. Can you tell me what the problem is or what i should do?

    thanks in advance.

  4. Hi Max I followed the first tutorial and my masternode was getting coins after 1 day.

    Then I did the “secure masternode tutorial” and then I no longer got coins to my masternode.

    I think cause 11994 was the TCP setting on firewall for the first video, but then we changed the port to secure the firewall. so now I have 2 ports in my firewall (11994:TCP and XXX:TCP) do I delete the 11994? What is the significance of 11994?

    Let me know where you prefer me to send you some coins, thanks for your vids and help!

    You should do a vid on updating your wallet to V9.3 also for people with masternodes.

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