Manifesto of HODLers – The Crypto-Revolution has Begun & it Starts w/ Chaincoin! [CryptoGirl]

Hello world,

This is a public announcement of our manifesto. The world of cryptocurrency is changing, and it starts now.

There are two kinds of people: Those who buy cryptocurrency for a quick profit, and those who believe in the future of cryptocurrency and instead choose to HODL. We are those people, the people who HODL. You know who we are, you may even know some of us.  We are the ones who believe in cryptocurrency’s future and we are the ones who HODL on, whilst Pump & Dumpers create havoc, crash markets and ruin people’s lives.  Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt is what keeps Cryptocurrency markets down, and the only people who are winning are whales with the power of manipulating the market through the psychology of Fear. We, the true believers in cryptocurrency, recognize it’s true value. And we are sick of daytraders and Pump & Dumpers. This is where we draw the line. We, the people, are taking it back and we are inviting everybody to join! The Crypto-Revolution has begun, and it starts with Chaincoin. Let’s change the world together.

What is the problem:
Cryptocurrency is extremely undervalued and market forces are intentionally manipulating markets whilst they accumulate and endlessly profit off of the chaos and panic they create. They know: Cryptocurrency is worth much more. Whilst they profit and accumulate, the entire world of cryptocurrency suffers as public trust wavers at the first sign of trouble. Fear and distrust is common.

What is the solution:
The solution is very simple. Don’t succumb to panic-selling. We don’t play their game. We believe. Just HODL, and wait until the price rises more. Although you can buy them cheap, these cryptocurrencies are NOT worth pennies; they are worth much, much more! Bitcoin is gold, Litecoin is silver, but there are diamonds and gemstones everywhere. You just don’t recognize it, because there are so many of them. But we do. That’s why we are HODL’ers in the first place. Instead of spreading out over markets dominated by daytraders, we are now uniting and combining our HODL by using our Advanced HODL’ing techniques. And we have identified the ultimate HODL-coin to HODL: Chaincoin.


Why Chaincoin:
Chaincoin is a MASTERNODE coin which was originally a fork off of Dash and which has largely been ignored by the public. Chaincoin is not a new coin and has been in development since 2014, and although Dash is more known it was Chaincoin to pioneer the X11 technology, albeit in a different order. Chaincoin has several features that make it a very powerful and interesting coin:

  • Chaincoin is a masternode coin, similar to Dash. Masternodes can be set up for 1000CHC and Masternodes receive 25% from all mined blocks, plus transaction fees. This means that you investment will create a residual income that gives a very fast ROI:
  • A Chaincoin masternode is 10x more profitable than a PIVX masternode
  • At any given pricepoint a masternode is a solid investment because your earnings go up proportionally.
  • Masternode coins are Bitcoin-dip-resistant. We have done our research. Everytime the markets go down because Bitcoin goes down, masternode coins retain their value better because less people are selling and more people are HODL’ing. HODL’ing makes a coin stable. Stability adds significant value.
  • For every masternode owner that HODLs this coin the total market supply decreases, so the price has to go up. Supply versus Demand.
  • The incentive to HODL will ensure a stronger network
  • Chaincoin can send anonymously. We believe in freedom and power to the people
  • Chaincoin could be bought, and can still be bought, for very little. It was the cheapest masternode coin on the market, giving the chance for ordinary, normal people to own a masternode and offers a redistribution of wealth away from big money

Who are we:
This is a grass-roots movement that has sprawled from the HighOnChains Youtube channel run by @zedomax. What initially started out as an experiment, quickly grew into an Idea that seems to be unstoppable and spreading day by day. A thriving community has sprawled around the idea of HODL and we are experiencing history in the making. Instead of operating on Fear and Doubt, we operate on Trust and HODL. Chaincoin is the community coin and we HODL’ers and true believers are buying in, and we are going to buy as much as we can. We don’t believe the value of a coin is dependent on it’s technology or it’s devs. The true value of a cryptocurrency comes from it’s community and the people involved, as well as the trust people have in it’s value and stability. And we, the community, are backing Chaincoin.

What we have done:
We have taken this neglected coin and breathed life into it. We are uniting and buying in, and as our numbers grow and the market supply diminishes, our HODL power over the market increases. This is a trust-based pay it forward initiative, the goal is not to dump and profit off of anybody else but rather to help eachother get rich together and increase value for everybody involved. And we are doing this by applying our Advanced HODL’ing techniques. We have adopted Chaincoin for it’s strong fundamentals, but also because of it’s small market cap and trading volume. In a market free of moneysharks and whales we were able to revitalize and kickstart this new emerging communitydriven economy and create a market for true HODL’ers. We number in the thousands, and we are all HODL’ing united in our belief in this coin’s rise. We are actively defending our price point and preventing the price from shooting up too fast to prevent panic selling, because we realize EVERYBODY benefits from stability and growth. Nobody is dumping, everybody is HODL’ing, and we are not selling until we reach a price that we are comfortable with. Everybody wins. So far we have taken this forgotten coin from $0.07 to almost $7.00 at it’s peak, and we are aiming to go into the hundreds. We are already a top 50 coin. We will enter the top 20 very soon.


Why you should join
We are doing this. This is happening. You can believe us, or you can disbelieve us. If you think this is a scam we don’t really want you with us, because you will only spread FUD. The people who have bought in at the early stages have not dumped: they realize that earning a monthly income of a very high value coin is something that is worth more than cashing out for 2x or 3x profits. This community is based around trust and positivity. We are combining the power of Bitcoin with the spirit of Dogecoin and creating the new world economy for those who form the real backbone of the internet and cryptocommunity. If you believe in cryptocurrency, join us and HODL. Help us show the world the true value of cryptocurrency. The crypto-revolution is beginning, and it starts with Chaincoin. This is your chance to buy in to what is going to be the internetcurrency of the future before it goes skyhigh. No other coin has a community as driven in creating stability and price growth as this vibrant HODL’er community. While the entire market suffers through a crash, Chaincoin has grown by 10000X and shows no sign of stopping. The Chaintrain is leaving, you can either get onboard or get left behind. But please don’t hate or get in our way. In a market on the decline, Chaincoin is your best bet, your only enemies are fear and doubt.

Thinking of buying in and selling for a quick buck?
We have a community of thousands who currently represent a market cap in the millions. We have organized and are aggressively protecting our price. Whilst you are absolutely right, you could try to lift along and try to profit, but our collective will trap you and force you to dump your CHC into our sell walls. All you are doing is giving us cheap CHC and add to our trading volume while we accumulate more. We actually want to get them cheap: we will sell them back to you in a little while when you realize this train is not stopping. All you are doing is fueling our buy and sell walls. You have significant market forces working against you so why swim upstream? Why not just HODL with us, and make much, much more instead, we welcome you with open arms. We only ask that you do not dump, and once you do sell when it reaches a high price, just sell a little at a time. You are much better off selling 10% of a coin worth $100 than 100% of a coin worth $10 and crashing the market while you’re at it. Everytime we go down, we come right back up, and we are determined to keep doing this. You laugh when you make thousands, but you’ll cry when you’ll find out it is worth millions. This market is not like any other. Adjust your strategies: you have everything to gain.

Why will this work
This will work because everybody involved is on the same page. We ALL want a healthy and stable coin, and by our Advanced HODLing technique we are beating enemy whales at their own game. We are shooting for a steady curve instead of explosive growth: our intent is to create trust and confidence. We do this by proving our success and intentions every day. People are seeing that we are not lying. Value is created by belief and trust. This is an idea that is spreading like wildfire and we are getting stronger by the day as trust and confidence grows. Because Chaincoin has masternodes and is backed by the HODL’er community it will be the most stable coin and therefore possibly is the most valuable coin of all. HODL’ers will protect your investment, because it is in all of our best interests. This is the opposite of a Pump and Dump scam: this is a Buy and HODL. The market keeps going down, but Chaincoin keeps going up. This is a self-fueling community driven economy that is waking up and it is not stopping. Get in now, or get left behind. We’re taking the power back.


What you can do
You can join our community, buy in and join the HODL. There are no guarantees, this is all entirely experimental and has never happened before. Do not ever invest anything you cannot afford to lose. But if you support this idea and want to support us then join our cause and just HODL.


We call out to the wider internet community, the true believers of cryptocurrency. We call out to White Hats, the ideological crowd, the free thinkers and supporters of People Power. We also call out to our friends in the Dogecoin community: we love you. We know you are also true believers of crypto, and don’t let anybody tell you Dogecoin is worthless. Dogecoin is awesome and is the best, fastest and cheapest way to transfer currencies between exchanges. We know you loyal shibes are sad and that you still dream of going to the moon. Join us, we share your community spirit, buy in for a $1 and Hold on for Dear Life and I promise, this time we WILL be going to the moon. It is time for Chains.

The revolution starts now.




  2. This is the coin for people. A coin of the community. This coin could disrupt the banking industry. Where can I get it!

  3. Max

    Lets make everyone rich.

  4. Terry Gallops

    July 15, 2017 at 1:49 pm

    Crypto Revolution! The Crypto Sphere needs a Clean Atmosphere.

    This is the Cleansing.

    Greed, Jealousy, and Envy all Vaporize when they enter the Clean Atmospher!!

  5. Thank you Cryptogirl! This is great!

  6. I bought only 200 CHC @5.63 :D. But I want to see till last and I believe it will be at peeked one Day.
    Good Luck for CHC and thanx for making this website.

  7. David Joseph Stith

    July 18, 2017 at 9:54 am

    I can credit this movement for teaching me finally that the desire to profit *need* *not* necessarily be an evil thing in itself. It seems to all hinge on how generous one is; with the spirit of giving back to the community. Back in the 90’s when I was homeless (living in a tent, that is, just like Max’s dad designed!) I thought then that the desire for monetary profit was necessarily evil. I have struggled mightily over the last couple days to understand how the two seemingly conflicting interests can benefit one another, and I have seen them still sometimes in open conflict, at least apparently. But I am still very hopeful. 🙂 I’m here with you to the end! 🙂 Thank you all.

  8. I HodL like a PRO!!

    You should too 🙂

    Get a few masternodes while they cheap !!

    60 coins a month each!! do the math!!

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