HODLers Creed by Crypto

This is “HODLers Creed” written by our Slack member Crypto.

I am a HODLer, a new breed in the market, an unconventional trader.

I choose Love … over greed

Honesty … over wealth

A pure heart … over hate

I know no pain … only growth

I know no failure, only challenges and every challenge is an opportunity to bring forth the best of my being.

Panic? I do not know what that mean; I am the calm before, during and after the storm.

I do not fear poverty, I will HODL until I am Homeless

Therefore, do not bring a mere pump and dumper to destroy us…. You better bring an tsunami of whales.

And when we fall, we get back up. When our wall is down with rebuild it with sweat and heart.

My Fellow HODLER is a brother, we are warriors protecting one another at all cost. I will protect his investments the same way I would protect mine and never will I let him down.

I will mentor the new member of the community and teach them the true tenets of the HODLer Movement.

Even in the worst times I will never spread Fear Uncertainty and Doubt in the heart of my comrades.

I will always hold the vision high and trust the process until we succeed.

Because I am a HODLer and that is what HODLers do


  1. Yogonanda Paramahansah

    July 17, 2017 at 1:39 am

    Nice one bro. We HODL till we go homeless

  2. Great job with this one.

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